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Using AI to automate sales tax Monitoring, Registration, Filing and Remittance

Using AI to automate sales tax

End to End Automation of Sales Tax, Nexus Tracking, Registration, Filing, and Remittance.

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Over 100+ fast growing companies trust Kintsugi

A Fully Automated Sales Tax solution

Our cloud-based platform automates the entire sales tax life cycle across all of your sales channels — from calculations and nexus tracking to reporting and filing.

State Registration

Automatic Registration in every jurisdiction.

Monitor Real-time Nexus

Worry-free real-time nexus tracking and alerts.

Sales Tax Filing

File accurately and on time everywhere you need to.


Remit everywhere with the click of a button.

Sales Tax Lifecycle

We manage and track this lifecycle to keep you compliant.

Determine nexus

Identify where your business must register and and pay sales tax by evaluating physical and economic nexus for each jurisdiction.

Register to collect and remit sales tax

Register where you have established nexus and determine how frequently you must file and remit sales tax.

Collect taxes

Accuracy collect taxes for all jurisdictions at the point of sales based on addresses and product types.

File and remit

Accuracy collect taxes for all jurisdictions at the point of sales based on addresses and product types.


Customers save per month


Reduction in errors


Registration time reduced


Fees and penalties reduced


Transactions Processed


Transactions Evaluated


Filings Completed



Integrate With Your Stack

Get started by connecting your e-commerce platforms, billing systems, and invoicing tools, no code necessary.

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Know where you need to pay sales tax

Gain valuable insights into your nexus, including both physical and economic presence, at no cost. Our platform allows you to easily identify your nexus locations and monitor economic thresholds.

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Stop Stressing About Filing Deadlines

Regardless of the state or home rule jurisdiction, our automated system ensures that your taxes are filed accurately and promptly. With Kintsugi, you can forget about tracking filing deadlines, as our automated processes handle it for you, providing peace of mind and saving you valuable time and effort.

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TaxGPT is your AI Tax Assistant

Your secure Sales Tax advisor that is trained to know your business inside and out and give accurate insights and instant support.

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People are loving Kintsugi

“Not having to manually track in all 50 states saves us a ton of money and time.”


“By using Kintsugi, I don’t even think about sales tax anymore because it has saved us so much time and money.”


“Automatic tax filing has allowed us to focus on our business instead of spending hours on compliance.”


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