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Kintsugi Partners With NachoNacho, The World's Largest SaaS & Services Marketplace

Pujun Bhatnagar · May 16, 2024 · 3 min read

Kintsugi Partners With NachoNacho, The World's Largest SaaS & Services Marketplace

Kintsugi Officially Partners with NachoNacho

Kintsugi is excited to announce an official partnership with NachoNacho, the world's largest B2B SaaS and Services marketplace. The platform is a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage, discover, and save on all their SaaS products (up to 90% lifetime). Businesse using NachoNacho have saved an average of 30% on the best software products and business services.

All new customers can save 15% (lifetime) on Kintsugi today in the NachoNacho B2B SaaS Marketplace. Take a look here!

What can you do with NachoNacho?

Manage, discover, and save on SaaS products in the world's largest B2B SaaS + Services Marketplace. NachoNacho allows businesses to manage all their existing SaaS subscriptions using virtual credit cards in one company-wide account. Know how much you are spending on what product. Businesses can also discover the best of all SaaS products in our robust marketplace with discounts of up to 90%.

Who is NachoNacho?

NachoNacho is a fast-growing VC-funded Silicon Valley-based startup founded by two highly experienced serial entrepreneurs.

NachoNacho is a data-driven platform that is the single destination for millions of businesses worldwide to manage, discover & buy SaaS and a predominant channel for SaaS vendors to acquire new subscribers. There is no direct competitor, and we are creating a new space with a first-mover advantage. The closest parallel is Amazon's marketplace for physical products.

As the subscription ecosystem transforms the economy from a purchase model to a usage model, it shapes the future of work. NachoNacho is the first and only marketplace that creates network effects in this ecosystem, lowering costs for businesses and SaaS vendors.

Who is Kintsugi?

Kintsugi is an intelligent one-stop sales tax compliance platform that automates the entire sales tax lifecycle and puts them on autopilot in just a few clicks. With flexible and transparent monthly pricing, no hidden fees, and several pricing tiers (including a Free Starter Tier – No Credit Card Required!), Kintsugi is your intelligent sales tax partner no matter what stage your company is in or how many states you sell in.

Founded in San Francisco, California in 2022, Kintsugi now serves 200+ customers, processing $300M+ in transactions, and has grown to 40+ dedicated and passionate team members from around the globe. Our team's legacy includes revolutionary work at Meta, Atlassian and the bold spirit of Stanford Ph.D. dropouts.

Kintsugi serves 200+ companies and has processed over $500M, filed over 5000 filings, and completed over 600 registrations to date. This has resulted in a savings of over 9 billiable hours to a CPA, a 98.6% reduction in errors, an 84% reduction in registration time, and a near-total reduction (99.8%) of fees and penalties for our customers.

Kintsugi has bi-directional integrations across E-Commerce, Billing & Payments, and HR & Payroll, businesses can seamlessly integrate with all their existing tools. Setup is a breeze and can be done in just a click. We notify you via email whenever you need to take an action and handle everything for you including full filings, registration, exemptions, reseller certificates, and voluntary disclosure agreements (VDAs).

Key Features:

(1) Monitor Your Exposure: Integrate your tech stack and instantly check where you’ve met economic or physical nexus. Monitor nexus in real-time with exposure maps, nexus calculations, and real-time notifications. Kintsugi is the most accurate nexus determination based on the latest updates to tax regulations.

(2) Seamless Registrations and Filings: Register and file in any jurisdiction with a click. Import existing registrations and filings. Automated registrations and filings so that you never have to click a button again.

(3) Collect Taxes and Calculate Liabilities: Apply the accurate taxes right at the time of billing your customers. Most accurate liability calculations based on the latest updates to tax regulations. Check and export details at any level for your audit needs.

(4) Let AI Help You 24/7: Answers your questions instantly and accurately. Helps you ensure that accurate taxes are applied to everything you sell. Helps you upload your transactions from any source.

(5) Stay on Top of Compliance with Instant Notifications: Get notified proactively about everything you need to ensure compliance. Get reminded about key actions required to ensure compliance.

(6) World-Class Customer Service at Your Fingertips: Access live support anytime, even faster than emails. Best-in-class SLAs, get the help you need within minutes.

Let's Get Started!

With the partnership between Kintsugi and NachoNacho, putting your sales tax on autopilot has never been easier (or more affordable)! Be sure to check them out today to receive a 15% discount on any paid plans.

Still want more information or want to see Kintsugi in action? Feel free to schedule a short demo with us here!

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