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Kintsugi has all the features, none of the gotchas

No matter your company size, Kintsugi has a simple, scalable and straightforward solution for you. Our plans are flexible and upfront, with no hidden surprises.

Feature Comparison

At Kintsugi, we’re known for speedy responses and the human touch of our in-house sales tax experts. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what makes Kintsugi your ideal sales tax automation partner.


Free Real-Time Nexus and Liability Tracking

No Credit Card Required to Get Started!

Complete Sales Tax Automation (FILING INCLUDED)

Automated Sales Tax Filings in the US

Schedule Sales Tax Remittances

White-Glove Promise

Pay-As-You-Go: No Long-Term Contracts

One Price For Everything

No Overage or Activation Fees

Specialist Support by Industry

E-Commerce Sales Tax Specialists

SaaS Sales Tax Specialists

Services Sales Tax Specialists

Consultation and Expertise

Personal Dedicated Sales Tax Expert

Unlimited Free Sales Tax Consulting

Taxability Mapping Recommendations

Notice and Communication Management

Notice Management

Physical Mail Monitoring

Call States On Your Behalf

Guarantee and Assurance

Accuracy and Filing Guarantee

FREE Economic Nexus Tracker

Premium Support via Managed Solution

Advanced Reporting and Management

Advanced Sales Tax Reporting

Store-Setting Management

Multi-Channel Support

Product-Level Taxability

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Avalara, why so many question marks?

That’s what you’ll have when you receive your bill from Avalara. Avalara’s price packaging works on a basis of tie-ins and up-selling which can leave you confused and uncertain as to what you’re actually being billed for. Not with Kintsugi. Our pricing platform is simple and upfront. The Kintsugi Platform itself is feature rich and scalable to meet all your businesses Tax needs.

Kintsugi's STARTER features
No credit card setup?
Sales tax nexus analysis$0$4500
Economic nexus monitoring$0?
Nexus risk assessments$0?
Sales tax liability calculations$0?
CSV transaction importing$0?
Basic data connections$0?
Transaction address validation$0?
Kintsugi's GROWTH features
Monthly feesNOYes, but ?
State tax registrations$100/state, max 10 states$349/state + fees
State tax filings$100/state, max 10 states?
State tax deregistrations?
Refunds and amendments?
Sales tax exemptions?
AI assisted product categorization?
Advanced Reporting ToolsAvailable only on specific products
Basic TaxGPT access TaxGPT by Kintsugi Intelligence is a proprietary feature only available on the Kintsugi platform
Dedicated Slack support Only Kintsugi offers you a dedicated slack channel as part of our service.
Kintsugi's PREMIUM features
Talk to a tax expertNot supported
Voluntary Disclosure Agreements$2500/state
Sales tax on autopilot?
Error insuranceOnly up to the price of the service plan
SLA agreementsOnly on "Premium Support" starting at $25k
API integrations?
Unlimited TaxGPT access TaxGPT by Kintsugi Intelligence is a proprietary feature only available on the Kintsugi platform

Ready to automate your sales tax?

What are you risking by using Avalara?

We listen and hear the feedback many ex-Avalara customers share with us. At Kintsugi, we take this feedback very seriously. Having constant contact with our customers allows us to work quickly and improve upon previous-generation systems- to build something better than legacy systems like Avalara. Here we explore the top 6 complaints we commonly encounter from our ex-Avalara customers.

Poor customer service

One business reported continued billing for a service they had not used for years and struggled to cancel, despite multiple attempts to contact Avalara and stop the service​. Source: Better Business Bureau, November 2023

Kintsugi’s customer support is immediate and 24/7 through our TaxGPT platform, which is available to all customers and is trained on over 300,000 unique sales tax rules. Avalara’s customer support takes 3-5 days to respond after filing tickets on Zendesk.

Integration and functionality issues

There are reports of Avalara's add-on apps not working properly, leading to operational disruptions. Users have experienced difficulties in getting these apps to function as intended, in some cases, they were unable to use them at all despite continued billing.

Unlike Avalara, Kintsugi operates in an open ecosystem with support for hybrid and remote work through integrations with Gusto, Rippling, CRMs, and other billing providers. Kintsugi’s APIs also allow for changes in Annual Contract Value (ACV) and plan upgrades. Avalara’s APIs don’t have these capabilities, increasing manual entry and operational oversight.

Billing and pricing concerns

Users report that Avalara's pricing is opaque and contract terms are unclear. Some have reported being continually billed for services they never used or had repeatedly attempted to cancel. One company experienced a doubling of the service fee (from $14,000 to $30,000) without a valid explanation from Avalara, leading to dissatisfaction and confusion over pricing policiess. Source: Better Business Bureau, September 2023

Kintsugi is steadfast in providing clear, upfront and easy to understand pricing for all our services. We do not muddy the waters with tie-ins and upsells and bolt-ons. One flat fee, all the features, none of the confusion.

Lack of product support and guidance

BBB Complaints repeatedly include not receiving needed information or help for setting up and using the services, such as licensing assistance or completion of tax filings. A customer who paid for licensing assistance received no information or help for over a year, with Avalara failing to return calls or offer any support despite payment. Source: Better Business Bureau, August 2023

Kintsugi’s APIs support item returns, which is an inevitable reality for most e-commerce businesses. Given how much time and effort returns take logistically, it is surprising that Avalara’s APIs still do not support this functionality.

Complicated cancellation process

Users have described going through extensive procedures to cancel their accounts, only to continue being charged and receiving poor assistance in resolving these issues.

Kintsugi will always strive for excellence when serving our customers, and will always do our best to keep you with us. However, if the time comes to part ways we do not throw hurdle upon hurdle in your way to do so.

Ineffective communication and follow-up

Common complaints around Avalara's customer service include unresponded tickets, closed tickets without resolution, and a lack of follow-up on customer inquiries.

Growth and Premium customers get access to a dedicated slack channel to communicate directly with our team at any time. Our Premium customers also have negotiated SLA’s, providing peace of mind and belief in our commitment to service excellence.

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Ready to automate your sales tax?

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