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Kintsugi is flexible, scalable, powerful

No matter your company size, Kintsugi has a simple, scalable and straightforward solution for you. Our plans are flexible and upfront, with no hidden surprises.

Feature Comparison

At Kintsugi, we’re known for speedy responses and the human touch of our in-house sales tax experts. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what makes Kintsugi your ideal sales tax automation partner.


Free Real-Time Nexus and Liability Tracking

No Credit Card Required to Get Started!

Complete Sales Tax Automation (FILING INCLUDED)

Automated Sales Tax Filings in the US

Schedule Sales Tax Remittances

White-Glove Promise

Pay-As-You-Go: No Long-Term Contracts

One Price For Everything

No Overage or Activation Fees

Specialist Support by Industry

E-Commerce Sales Tax Specialists

SaaS Sales Tax Specialists

Services Sales Tax Specialists

Consultation and Expertise

Personal Dedicated Sales Tax Expert

Unlimited Free Sales Tax Consulting

Taxability Mapping Recommendations

Notice and Communication Management

Notice Management

Physical Mail Monitoring

Call States On Your Behalf

Guarantee and Assurance

Accuracy and Filing Guarantee

FREE Economic Nexus Tracker

Premium Support via Managed Solution

Advanced Reporting and Management

Advanced Sales Tax Reporting

Store-Setting Management

Multi-Channel Support

Product-Level Taxability

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Outperformed this month? TaxJar might sting you for that..

TaxJar’s monthly pricing seems reasonable until you realize that you’ll have a order based fee added on top. And if you don’t choose the right tier for your businesses’ order volume, be prepared to be slugged an extra "flex-fee" on top. Want to use their API as well? Each call will count towards your order volume as well. Don’t be penalized for your business outperforming! All Kintsugi plans are flat priced no matter how many orders or API calls your business does in a filing period.

Kintsugi's STARTER features
No credit card setup?
Sales tax nexus analysis$0$99 - $1449/mo.
Economic nexus monitoring$0$99 - $1449/mo.
Nexus risk assessments$0$99 - $1449/mo.
Sales tax liability calculations$0$99 - $1449/mo.
CSV transaction importing$0$99 - $1449/mo.
Basic data connections$0$99 - $1449/mo.
Transaction address validation$0$99 - $1449/mo.
Kintsugi's GROWTH features
Monthly feesNO$99 - $1449/mo. plus excess API usage charges
State tax registrations$100/state, max 10 states$299/state + fees
State tax filings$100/state, max 10 states$35/state + fees
State tax deregistrations$299/state + fees
Refunds and amendmentscosts extra if you go over your allowance
Sales tax exemptionscosts extra if you go over your allowance
AI assisted product categorizationcosts extra if you go over your allowance
Advanced Reporting ToolsIncluded in monthly fee
Basic TaxGPT access TaxGPT by Kintsugi Intelligence is a proprietary feature only available on the Kintsugi platform
Dedicated Slack support Only Kintsugi offers you a dedicated slack channel as part of our service.
Kintsugi's PREMIUM features
Talk to a tax expertNot supported
Voluntary Disclosure AgreementsNot supported
Sales tax on autopilot$35/filing extra
Error insurancePartial coverage only
SLA agreements
API integrations
Unlimited TaxGPT access TaxGPT by Kintsugi Intelligence is a proprietary feature only available on the Kintsugi platform

Ready to automate your sales tax?

What are you risking by using TaxJar?

We listen and hear the feedback ex-TaxJar customers share with us. At Kintsugi, we take this feedback very seriously. Having constant contact with our customers allows us to innovate quickly and build something better than previous-generation, legacy systems like TaxJar. Here we explore the top 4 complaints we commonly encounter from our ex-TaxJar customers.

Customer Service

Ex-TaxJar users report that initial onboarding is challenging, especially for those without a strong technical background. The long integration process with platforms like Shopify and Amazon often take significant time and resources away from your internal teams. This initial hurdle often leads to delays in fully utilizing the software’s capabilities.

Kintsugi handles the entire setup and integration process for you and our flat-fee includes additional support for VDAs, reseller agreements, and back taxes.

User interface issues

Ex-TaxJar users report UX as being cumbersome and not very user-friendly. Users often need to have multiple tabs open simultaneously to complete tasks, which makes navigation inefficient and time-consuming. This lack of a streamlined user experience can lead to increased time spent on tax management tasks, defeating the whole point of outsourcing to a sales tax automation partner.

Kintsugi’s platform is free to try, easy to navigate, and the user experience has been streamlined to stay as simple as possible while ensuring rooftop-level accuracy on the backend.

Limits to customization

Ex-TaxJar users report that the platform lacks sufficient flexibility to handle unique business needs or complex tax scenarios, such as tax holidays or specific exemptions. This is a significant drawback for businesses with non-standard tax requirements that need additional management capabilities.

Support for exemption certificates, reseller agreements, VDAs, and tax holidays comes included in Kintsugi’s flat rate. We manage all of that for you so you don’t even have to think about whether we support it.

Customer support challenges

Ex-TaxJar users report slow response times and insufficient assistance during critical periods. This inconsistency in support quality can be particularly problematic during busy tax seasons when timely support is crucial.

Kintsugi’s customer success team prides itself on being proactive when it comes to critical tax periods. This includes getting current on back taxes at onboarding and maintaining VDAs so you maximize tax discounts and minimize penalties. And for any eleventh-hour questions, you’ve got TaxGPT, a 24/7 GPT powered by Kintsugi Intelligence that has codified the entire US sales tax code.

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Ready to automate your sales tax?

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