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Kintsugi Intelligence - TaxGPT

Kintsugi Intelligence is a groundbreaking AI solution that offers round-the-clock assistance, intelligent automation, and predictive insights to ensure accuracy and efficiency in managing sales tax obligations.

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Built by experts with AI in our DNA

Welcome to the cutting-edge of artificial intelligence at Kintsugi Intelligence. It’s not just another tool; it’s a leap into the future, Our team's legacy includes revolutionary work at Meta, Atlassian and the bold spirit of Stanford Ph.D. dropouts.


We’ve led transformative AI initiatives at Meta, shaping the future with pioneering machine learning projects.


At Atlassian, we led data platform teams, powering the AI that revolutionized collaboration and project management tools.


Our team includes Stanford Ph.D. dropouts who have chosen to direct their unmatched talents toward creating 'Kintsugi Intelligence'.


Shaped by the innovative spirit of StartX, our team's agility and pioneering approach to AI stem from its startup excellence.

Goldman Sachs

Drawing on deep fintech insights from Goldman Sachs, we craft sophisticated AI algorithms that navigate complex fintech applications.


Infused with Harvard’s strategic depth and research excellence, our AI solutions are built on a foundation of unparalleled academic rigor.


With roots in MIT's business excellence, our technology is not just innovative but also strategically aligned with the real-world needs of businesses.

Georgia Tech

With the company being led by Georgia Tech Alumni, Kintsugi’s AI excellence stems from the school that has produced more AI graduates than any other in the USA.

'Kintsugi Intelligence' is more than just a platform; it's a testament to what's possible when the finest minds in AI converge to solve complex challenges. Here, AI isn't just a tool—it's in our DNA. By choosing 'Kintsugi Intelligence,' you’re choosing to put your sales tax compliance on autopilot.

TaxGPT: your 24/7 sales tax assistant

Traditional methods of seeking clarity—be it through time-consuming online searches or awaiting responses from busy tax professionals—can slow down decision-making and impede your business's agility. Recognizing this critical need for instant, reliable tax guidance, we built TaxGPT - your always-on, digital sales tax expert.

Save time & resources

Avoid lengthy online searches or waiting for a tax professional. Get instant, reliable answers to your tax questions.

Accuracy at your fingertips

Powered by AI trained on the latest tax laws, TaxGPT provides the most accurate responses to all your tax inquiries.

Scale your business

Stay updated with tax laws and make fast & informed decisions as you grow and expand.

TaxGPT Assistant

TaxGPT by Kintsugi Intelligence isn't just about answering questions; it's about empowering your business with knowledge and confidence to handle sales tax compliance proactively. It's your personal tax consultant, always ready to provide the insights you need, ensuring that your business remains agile, informed, and compliant.

Lightning fast product classification and approvals

Classifying and approving products is essential, but doing them manually is tedious and error-prone. Recognizing this, we built a tool that automatically classifies your products and lets you approve them in one click.

One-click classification

Automatic classification eliminates manual effort and reduces errors, ensuring accurate taxation on all transactions

Efficient approvals

Our one-click approval feature eliminates the labor of one-by-one approvals, freeing up valuable time for your team.

Ensure compliance

Timely, accurate classification eliminates non-compliance due to incorrect tax application and delayed tax processes.

TaxGPT Assistant

Lightning Fast Product Classification and Approvals by Kintsugi Intelligence is your personal assistant in classifying and approving your products in Kintsugi, ensuring timely and accurate tax application. It is designed to adapt seamlessly to your business needs while keeping you a step ahead in compliance.

AI-assisted transaction uploads

Traditional methods of manually adjusting CSV files to match system requirements are error-prone and time-consuming. Recognizing the need for a more efficient approach, we built a tool that lets you upload any CSV file without worrying about system requirements and formats.

Universal Compatibility

Send us your CSV file with transaction data from any source and in any format, and we'll transform and upload it.

Time & Resource Efficiency

Say goodbye to the hours spent on data transformation and focus on strategic business activities instead of admin tasks

Contextual Accuracy

We process your transactions considering fields like collected tax, exemptions, and valid addresses.

TaxGPT Assistant

AI-Assisted Transaction Uploads by Kintsugi Intelligence is more than just a feature; it's your personal assistant for uploading transactions from any source without worrying about system requirements like formats. It's a solution to streamline historical data migrations and import transactions without connecting to your data tools.

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