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Sales tax by state

Our platform provides you with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to monitor your nexus exposure as your online sales and transactions span across multiple states.

State sales tax rate

Find your state's sales tax requirements below.

The Most Unique US Sales Tax Laws

Here are three of our favorites that stand out for their uniqueness.

New York's Bagel Tax

In New York, a plain, unsliced bagel is tax-free. But once it's served with cream cheese, it becomes prepared food and incurs sales tax. Oye vey!

Illinois' Candy Classification

In Illinois, if a candy contains flour, it's not considered candy and is exempt from the higher candy sales tax rate. Twix? Tax-free. Milky Way? Taxed!

Colorado's Coffee Cup Lid Tax

In Colorado, if you buy a cup of coffee to-go, the cup is tax-free, but the lid is taxable. To lid or not to lid? That is the Coloradan question.

State Sales Tax Guides

Complete Guide for Alabama

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