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Track Sales Tax Nexus Across Jurisdictions

Our platform provides you with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to monitor your nexus exposure as your online sales and transactions span across multiple states.

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Automatic Nexus Assessment

Track your economic and physical nexus in seconds and know where and when you need to register.

Realtime Nexus Tracking

See an instant view of your nexus and exposure and track it in realtime.

Accurate Nexus Determination

Advanced and accurate calculations including exempt transactions and changing rules.

Filling Integrated

See when and where you need to register and get notified before you hit nexus.

Never miss a filing again

Automate manual tasks with a single click. Standardize your data and review it before filing. File across states easily, avoid errors, and get reminders and predictions so you never miss a deadline again.

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Never miss a filing again

Know where and when to pay

Gain valuable insights into your nexus, including both physical and economic presence, at no cost. Our platform allows you to easily identify your nexus locations and monitor economic thresholds.

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Know where and when to pay

Integrate across your stack

We integrate with Stripe, Chargebee, Shopify, or any other e-commerce, SaaS, and ERP platforms so you can sell across channels and keep everything in one place.

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Integrate across your stack

TaxGPT: your AI tax assistant

Get instant, secure support and accurate insights on your business's unique sales tax issues. No need to dig through confusing state websites! TaxGPT is trained to know your business inside and out.

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TaxGPT: your AI tax assistant

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