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The Ultimate Guide To Tennessee Sales Tax

Welcome to our handy guide on Tennessee sales tax. We'll walk you through everything you need to know, from the specific sales tax rates in different counties and cities across Tennessee to answering some of the most common questions. Plus, we'll guide you on how to efficiently collect and file your sales tax in Tennessee.

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What is Nexus?

You'll need to collect sales tax in Tennessee if you have nexus there. There are two main ways that sellers can be tied to a state when it comes to nexus: physical, or economic.

Physical nexus means having enough tangible presence, or activity in a state to merit paying sales tax in that state.

Economic nexus means passing a states' economic threshold, for total revenue, or the number of transactions in that state.

Calculating Nexus in Tennessee

Physical Nexus

Think of physical nexus like having a cozy cabin in the Smoky Mountains. If your business has a store, office, or warehouse in Tennessee, that's a clear sign of physical nexus. It also applies if you have employees or sales reps in the state.

Economic Nexus

Economic nexus in Tennessee is like having a hit song on the radio. If your business racks up over $500,000 in sales to Tennessee customers within a year, congratulations! You've hit the economic nexus mark and need to collect and remit sales tax.

Affiliate Nexus

Affiliate nexus is like joining forces for a musical duo. If your business partners with another entity in Tennessee that helps you drum up or maintain business, that's affiliate nexus for you.

Click-Through Nexus

Click-through nexus is like getting a shout-out at a digital music festival. If a Tennessee resident sends customers your way through a website link, and you make more than $10,000 in sales from these referrals within a year, you've got click-through nexus.

Marketplace Nexus

Selling through an online marketplace like Amazon or Etsy? It's like setting up a booth at a Tennessee craft fair. As of 2021, these marketplace providers handle the sales tax collection and remittance for you, creating what's known as marketplace nexus.
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Tennessee taxes haircuts and styling services, because looking good comes with an extra cost.

Sales Tax Registration in Tennessee

How to Get Your Tennessee Sales Tax Permit

Think of registering for sales tax in Tennessee as a straightforward task, a bit like preparing for a well-planned event. Here's what you need to do:
  1. Check Your Nexus Status: First off, make sure you need to register. If you've got physical, economic, affiliate, click-through, or marketplace nexus in Tennessee, then it's registration time.
  2. Gather Your Info: Pull together all the important details like your Social Security number or Employer Identification Number (EIN), your business name and address, and what you're selling.
  3. Hop onto TNTAP: Head over to the Tennessee Department of Revenue's online portal, the Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point (TNTAP), to start the process.
  4. Fill in the Application: On TNTAP, create your account and complete the application for a sales tax permit. Be thorough and accurate with your details.
  5. Await Your Permit: Once your application is in, it won't be long before you get your sales tax permit. Usually, it takes a few weeks.

Cost of Registering for a Tennessee Sales Tax License

Great news—it's free! Registering for a sales tax license in Tennessee doesn't cost you anything.

Federal Tax ID for Tennessee Sales Tax License

Yes, a Federal Tax ID number or EIN is essential when registering for a sales tax license in Tennessee. It's a crucial part of your registration details.

Other Tennessee Registrations to Consider

Your journey might involve partnering with other agencies. If you have staff in Tennessee, you'll need to register with the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. And, if you're setting up a corporation or LLC, a visit to the Tennessee Secretary of State is in order. It's all about making sure you're in step with all the relevant state requirements.

Guide to collecting sales tax in Tennessee

Is Tennessee an Origin or Destination Sales Tax State?

Tennessee follows the destination-based approach for sales tax. This means you apply the sales tax rate based on where your customer is located, not where your business is. It's about where your product or service is going, not where it's coming from.

What Sales are Subject to Sales Tax in Tennessee?

Mostly everything tangible you sell or certain services you provide in Tennessee will attract sales tax. This includes physical items like electronics or furniture and certain types of services.

Is Software as a Service (SaaS) Taxed in Tennessee?

Yes, SaaS falls under the taxable category in Tennessee. If you're providing SaaS to customers in Tennessee, remember to collect sales tax on these transactions.

What is Exempt from Tennesseene Sales Tax?

Some items and services enjoy a no-tax status in Tennessee. This includes prescription drugs, newspapers, specific agricultural products, and certain manufacturing machinery and equipment.

Who is Eligible for Tennessee Sales Tax Exemptions?

Certain groups in Tennessee can benefit from sales tax exemptions. These include:
  • Nonprofit organizations, like churches and charities.
  • Government bodies.
  • Educational institutions.

What To Do If Your Customer is Exempt from Sales Tax in Tennessee?

If you're dealing with a customer exempt from sales tax, make sure to obtain and keep a valid sales tax exemption certificate from them. It's your proof for the tax-free sale, crucial for your records, especially during audits.

What if You Lose a Tennessee Sales Tax Exemption Certificate?

Misplacing a sales tax exemption certificate? Act quickly and ask your customer for a replacement. It's important to maintain a complete record of these documents to ensure compliance with Tennessee's sales tax laws. Keeping track of these certificates is as vital as maintaining good business records.
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The Volunteer State exempts sales tax on newspapers, so staying informed doesn't need to cost extra.

Steps for Filing a Tennessee Sales Tax Return

In Tennessee, how often you file and pay sales tax depends on your sales. Here's a quick look:

Monthly Filing

Initially, businesses are set to file monthly. Due by the 20th of the month following the reporting period.

Quarterly Filing

If your tax liability averages $1,000 or less per month over 12 months, you can file quarterly. Due by the 20th after each quarter ends (April 20, July 20, October 20, and January 20).

Annual Filing

For marketplace sellers without their own Tennessee sales, annual filing might be an option. File by January 20 of the following year, typically reporting $0 in sales.

What If a Filing Date Falls on a Weekend or Holiday?

If your due date lands on a weekend or holiday, Tennessee gives you until the next business day. No need to rush back from that weekend getaway!

How to File a Tennessee Sales Tax Return

Filing your sales tax return in Tennessee involves a few straightforward steps:
  • Prepare Your Information: Like prepping for a big meeting, make sure you have all your sales data ready.
  • Log In to TNTAP: Head over to the TNTAP website, where you initially registered.
  • File Your Return: Choose the 'File Return' option and enter your sales details.
  • Review and Submit: Double-check everything like proofreading an important email.
  • Make a Payment: Pay the due tax via TNTAP using a bank account or credit card.
  • Save a Record: Keep a copy of your filed return for your records.

Penalties for Late Filing in Tennessee

Missing a beat with your sales tax can lead to penalties:
  • Late Filing and Payment: 5% per month of the due tax, maxing out at 25%.
  • Negligence Penalty: A 10% penalty for errors like underreporting sales.

Sales Tax Incentives in Tennessee

Tennessee does offer incentives, akin to business perks or discounts. These can include tax breaks or exemptions for specific industries or activities. It's worth exploring if your business might qualify for any of these benefits.

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Top 5 Tips for Filing Sales Tax in Tennessee

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